The Hangman Solver

This solves the game of hangman. It can be useful in doing crossword puzzles as well. You come up with a puzzle and it comes up with guesses. Use the "Already Guessed" field to indicate incorrect guesses.

Enter a 1 word (dictionary words only, no proper nouns) puzzle using dashes (-) to indicate unknown letters. The "Already Guessed" field needn't include letters that are in the puzzle, but they don't hurt.

Example: w-rd

Disclaimer: This script uses a dictionary that I didn't write. It may be missing some words. It doesn't include proper nouns (except country names) or words with non-ASCII characters. Let me know if you find more deficiencies (thanks). However, before sending me a word that you think isn't in the dictionary, try just typing it into the puzzle field. People frequently forget to fill in all instances of a letter (e.g. fi---ng for fishing is missing the second "i").